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A completely new way for Australian Universities to recruit from the world's largest and wealthiest student marketplace.

Australian universities know that international students represent a critical portion of student enrolments. But reaching international students in their home markets means certain compromises are made which results in lower conversion rates of student leads into applicants and applicants into enrolments.


The most common approach taken by Australian universities is to appoint agents as a conduit between you and the international student. These agents represent multiple, if not all, Australian universities and are more focused on promoting their brand vs yours.


Some Australian universities supplement their recruiting efforts with in-market employees based in key overseas markets where local knowledge and understanding can make recruiting more effective. But this approach lacks the infrastructure used with domestic recruiting and therefore falls short of achieving maximum impact.


American Student Recruitment offers a best-of-both solution which has been developed and honed over the past 14 years while representing one of Australia's most prominent universities. The end result has been much higher conversion rates than agents, in-market employees and on-campus recruiting departments.


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Our student recruitment staff are based in the USA and Canada. Our university liaison staff are based in Sydney.

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